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Welcome to my world of all things sexy and seductive



Not all monsters hide under your bed. Some of them entice you into theirs.


There are worse things than being the fake fiancé of a charming billionaire, especially when he’s Chicago’s most eligible bachelor.

But being forced to play the counterfeit lover to a power-hungry man was a dangerous game where power was the ultimate currency.

Ryzen Goodacre would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and the real estate mogul blackmailed me into his twisted little game like I was nothing more than a piece of property in his portfolio.

Tangled in a web of deceit, I had to play the role of the adoring fiancée to one man, all while captivated by his enemy, Cian Blackwood.

A man as equally calculating, the tattooed billionaire broke every stereotype. And given the chance, no doubt he would break me.

In the shadows, Cian revealed a darker game at play. His vendetta against Ryzen threatened to shatter the thin line between passion and vengeance, leaving me as collateral damage.

Consumed by revenge, Cian will destroy anything standing in his way.

Even me.

And my fragile heart.



He could destroy me...but nothing prepared me for how much I wanted him to. 

I was taken from my wedding by a man fueled by revenge.

One black rose changed everything, and the man I thought was the villain has turned out to be my salvation.

I’m thrown into a world full of secrets, greed, and deceit.

One where the monsters hunt you down and try to swallow your sins.

But I won’t be the little mouse in a den of snakes any longer.

I trusted the wrong man before, a man intent on ruining my life.

And now I’m ready to settle the score.

But the road to revenge is a dark path that you can never get off, and with a cruel twist of fate, I’m left with only a shattered glimpse of the past.

I’ll risk it all to find out the truth, but will it be too late?

I made a deal with the Devil, and I’ll do anything to get free.



He could destroy me...but nothing prepared me for how much I wanted him to. 

They say the past always comes back to haunt you.

For me, it came roaring back with a vengeance.

Just when bliss seemed within reach with the love of my life, Cian Blackwood, my tormentor Ryzen returned to wreak havoc again. He’s expecting a victim, but this time I’ll be his destruction.

Loyalties will be tested and alliances will be made. And when Cian’s long-buried secrets claw their way to the surface, I’ll be forced to walk the blade’s edge between light and darkness.

An eye for an eye isn’t good enough. Our happily ever after demands justice, and I will be judge, jury and executioner.

No more fear. Now it’s time for Ryzen to reap what he’s sown, because some sins are worth condemning your soul for.


tablet phone nobackground glare copy.png


I had it all figured out. Graduate college, move to Chicago, and start living the dream. It was all going according to plan…until I got laid off after one week.

Refusing to admit failure and move back home, I take the next job opportunity I’m given and run with it. Believe me when I say, becoming an adult phone operator was not part of my life plan. And while I love my job, sometimes it's better to keep it a secret.

Especially from a man like Mason King. Devilishly perfect in every single way, even down to the way he smells. It should be a crime to be that flawless. Mason is bossy and persistent, and thinks he can bulldoze his way into my life and have me, in every sense of the word, but I don’t plan to make it that easy for him.

Too bad my heart failed to get the memo. Traitor.


I’m a man who likes order, for things to be perfectly in place, and to get the bad guys. My time in the Marine Corps taught me that. Now I run my own private security firm, where those beliefs are still firmly in place.

So, when I’m hired to learn all I can about a potential accomplice to a crime, by any means necessary, I never expected to fall for her. I never planned for her to bring disorder into my life.

Now, I can’t imagine life without her.

And I will lose her if she finds out my secret.

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